Dear friends, athletes, coaches, teams, organizers and volunteers,

We would like to welcome you in Slovakia, in Bratislava at International Canoe Sprint Junior Regatta.

In these strange times, when not only the sport struggles and fights for the possibility to organize not only competition but also basic training process, we are pleased to host in Bratislava, not only the European, but the world’s best junior athletes. We believe, the time cannot be stopped and we need to move forward and give the possibility to young athletes to compete, compare themselves with others and improve their skills. Our goal is to prepare quality competition with perfect condition at the course and comfortable background, with focus on health safety.

We believe this Regatta will be a fresh start to season 2022. We are happy to welcome athletes from over 12 countries here in Bratislava at the new venue Zemnik including the Europe's top. Every year we can see here future European or world champions or at least medallists from these championships and this year will not be different.

We would like to wish you to the successful competitions, good results of your athletes and a pleasant stay in Bratislava, Capital of Slovakia.

PaedDr. Robert Petriska

PaedDr. Robert Petriska

Vice-President Slovak Canoeing

Ing. Boris Bergendi

Ing. Boris Bergendi

Chairman of organizing committee


Preliminary Booking Form

      Dear Friends, for International regatta 2022 in Bratislava (3rd - 5th June 2022), Preliminary Booking Form is now open. When you fill Preliminary Booking Form, you will receive credentials (login and password) for Nominal Entry. Nominal Entry will be opened in the middle of April and you will be able to add your competitors to the event.

For more information please see Bulletin,
or contact Zora Hujsová at +421 907 987 928,
or hujsova@canoe.sk.

Regatta 2022

      Dear Friends, International Regatta Bratislava will take place from 3rd to 5th June 2022.


# Country
1.     Slovakia
2.     Slovenia
3.     Switzerland
4.     Cyprus
5.     Poland
6.     Croatia
7.     Turkey
8.     Germany
9.     Austria
10.     Georgia
11.     France
12.     Serbia
13.     Kanoistický klub Slávia UK Bratislava
14.     Estonia
15.     Kazakhstan
16.     Kajak & kanoe klub Komárno
17.     Slávia Trenčín o.z.
18.     Kajak canoe klub Šamorín
19.     Kanoistický klub TTS Trenčín
21.     Kajak-Kanoe Piešťany
22.     Športový klub polície Bratislava
23.     Klub rýchlostnej kanoistiky Nováky
24.     Vodácky klub Zlaté piesky
25.     Hungary