May 29th – 30th 2021

Bratislava – Slovakia

May 29th – 30th 2021

Bratislava – Slovakia

May 29th – 30th 2021

Bratislava – Slovakia


Dear sports friends, coaches, athletes and support teams,

Year 2020 was supposed to be an important year for us and for our sport, in which the Tokyo Olympics were to take place. It didn’t happened, there were no world championships and no International Junior Regatta in Bratislava. Our efforts and preparation for these events were stopped by an unexpected pandemic COVID - 19.

The length of this pandemic exceeded our expectations and has already significantly affected sports training in 2021. However, we hope that 2021 will be the year when the top events in canoe sprint will take place and we hope with minimal restrictions.

However, we must be prepared for everything and we believe that the traditional International Junior Regatta in Bratislava will take place. The organizing committee already started its work and we look forward to seeing you again. The main actors will again be the athletes, coaches, support teams, parents and other fans of canoe sprint. They all exchange computers and home office for a wild atmosphere at the venue by the water.

We look forward to seeing you and wish you good health and sports happiness.

PaedDr. Robert Petriska Ing. Boris Bergendi
Vice-President Slovak Canoeing Chairman of organizing committee


Preliminary Startlist

Dear Friends,
      Preliminary Startlist is now available.
You can make your changes by filling change form in same location and sending it to Organizing Committee.

Startlist deadlines

Dear Friends,
      current deadlines for startlist creation:
Nominal entry deadline on Regatta website - 24th May 20:00
Start list will be published on Regatta website - 25th May 20:00
Countries will receive e-mail with start list and change form (changes are allowed from this time) - 25th May 20:00
Changes deadline - 27th May 20:00

Preliminary Timetable

Dear Friends,
      Preliminary Timetable is now available.
Note: Subject to change based on final number of entries !!!


# Country
1 Austria
2 Azerbaijan
3 Cyprus
4 Czech Republic
5 Dunajklub Kamzík Bratislava
6 Hungary
7 Israel
8 Kajak & kanoe klub Komárno
9 Kajak canoe klub Šamorín
10 Kajak-Kanoe Piešťany
11 Kanoistický klub Slávia UK Bratislava
12 Kanoistický klub TTS Trenčín
13 Kazakhstan
14 Klub rýchlostnej kanoistiky Nováky
15 ŠK DUKLA Banská Bystrica, o. z.
16 Slávia Trenčín o.z.
17 Slovakia
18 Slovenia
20 Športový klub polície Bratislava
21 Switzerland
22 TJ Dunaj Štúrovo
23 Vodácky klub Tatran Karlova Ves Bratislava
24 Vodácky klub Zlaté piesky